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C-Map, the world's leading digital marine cartography welcomes you. Our electronic charts are the fastest and most intelligent form of digital chart available, offering unrivaled navigation detail and coverage around the world. C-Map has significant operations throughout Europe, Australasia and the Americas. C-Map Australia is responsible for the sales and marketing of C-MAP products in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific.

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Boeing Concludes Purchase of C-Map to Grow Jeppesen Marine Business

The game has changed

Boeing Concludes Purchase of C-Map to Grow Jeppesen Marine Business... The Boeing Company today announced it has concluded its purchase of C-Map, a leading provider of digital maritime cartography, data services and other navigational information. C-Map will become a part of Jeppesen's marine division. Jeppesen is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Boeing Commercial Aviation Services. Read more ...

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